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#MakePeaceWithYour Beast

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"A visual feast!"

Brian P. Allen, Artistic Director

Good Theater, Portland, Maine

The Story

Hear Me is a contemporary, original musical in two acts. A small cast of seven hearing and Deaf actors blends voice and song with American Sign Language in a universal story about confronting inner demons--the "beasts" that constrain and deter us from loving fully and living authentically.

At its heart, Hear Me is the love story between a hearing man, a  notoriously single graphic novelist , and a Deaf woman,  a former dancer, teacher, and  single mom.  The musical also explores the creative process of interpreting a personal , emotional journey in words and pictures.


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Our original, intrepid troupers!

 now What?

We've been developing Hear Me

for more than a decade- creating, collaborating, 

rethinking, revisiting, revising- and we've loved every single minute of the creative process.

But a musical isn't complete

until it's experienced by an audience.  

We are ready--oh, yes, we are!--

for a full production and premiere in a theater,

under a director who loves this musical

as much as we do!

Give us a shout if you'd like to learn more.

Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you!

John Scully, Producer

Fat Chance Production Group, LLC

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