"Having worked with many producers, managers, and creative leaders over the twenty plus years at FOX5-TV, New York, with ten years as VP, Director of Sales, and in other positions in the broadcast world, Anita stands out as one of the best and brightest that I have worked with. It has been a fantastic experience…"


                                               - Debbie von Ahrens, Producer

"Having had the privilege of working with world renowned authors and poets in the past(such as Oregon Poet Laureate, Lawson Inada), I was immediately struck with the quality of Anita’s work. Her text for Brindlebeast  (currently Hear Me) was emotional yet controlled, a carefully constructed drama with diverse characters. As a composer, it was a treat for me to create music for Anita’s lyrics, rich with imagery, and conveying a powerful context of struggling with one’s inner demons, unconditional and redemptive love, and exploration of creativity...

"It is rare enough to find such an exceptional talent in a single form of artistic expression, but Anita excels both as an author and as a visual artist. In my humble opinion, her work, as well as her presence, is an asset to any artistic and professional endeavor she is involved with.


"On a more personal note, she is determined, generous, and focused, always supportive towards her colleagues and has an innate ability to bring out the best in everyone professionally and personally."  


                                                       - Sila Shaman, Composer

"...Anita's openness to discuss and to listen have truly meant the world to the process of creating the musical and to making everyone involved feel important and relaxed. I have nothing but the highest regards for Anita, and I hope you, too, see just how special she is.

This is my second long-term theatre project. The first was The Orphans’ Home Cycle with director, Michael Wilson. Both were incredibly nurturing, and both pushed to get the best out of everyone. These are two hard acts to



                 - Emily Robinson, Actor, Amazon's Transparent


"Recipe for Writing is classic writing instruction for primary grades: Bedrock thirty years ago, and thirty years from now."


  - Roland Axelson, Educator/Principal

"Finding True North is the seminar that has stood part from rest, and will stay with me the longest.  And  I know I am not the only one who feels this way. "


    - Kate Lonberg-Lew, MFA Candidate, Lesley University

"Anita's passion for sharing her love of art, and her open spirit and deep sense of healing through art defines her.”


                                    - Maureen Cornell, Playwright, Lifers