Musical Theatre

Brindlebeast is a contemporary musical in two acts about love, healing, and the creative process. Blending spoken language and American Sign Language* (ASL), this seven-

character musical explores the premise that everyone

has a personal beast, and the way you confront that beast defines the quality of your life.


The world of Brindlebeast is hearing and Deaf, straight

and gay. The protagonist’s quest is everyone’s quest: to confront his/her inner beast in order to love and be loved.


Brindlebeast incorporates ASL, movement, dance, and the projections of illustrations from a picture book that I wrote and illustrated, Beware the Brindlebeast

Since 2010, Brindlebeast has had five readings in NYC, and we're now looking forward to working with the full script and score in tandem with ASL, movement, and choreography, and the graphic elements that are intrinsic to this musical in a regional or off-Broadway theater.

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